Naptime or PlayTime

My keep me on my toes Beanie girl.

Remembering to Document the Smallest Moments

It's been over a year since I've posted on this little blog well I really need to change that. I need to do what my title says. I am backed up w/ Project Life since my printer is broke and I need a new one and I really don't know when I'll get a new one to tell you the truth. BUT I can post my images right and document the stories behind the them while I send the image to get printed because THAT is most important to document your moments and get them out of your camera/computer! 

So with that I am looking at this and remember how we had dropped off our oldest to take his last SAT before REALLY getting down to applying for all the colleges he's interested in. 
How it was cloudy and a bit windy but just right to get a bit of play time at the park.
How our youngest son was brave enough to be adventurous doing something he was saying he couldn't. How Ms. Isy was just running all over the place and fearlessly climbing and sliding down slides for kids way older then her. How my Gabi officially learned to swing w/out anyone pushing her and how proud we were to see her achieve it!

Then we had to run to the car because it actually started to rain but had a wonderful start of the day. I want to be able to remember these memories and that is why I am making a commitment to stop and  document the little smallest of moments.

Week In The Life - Monday

Since the Littles had an early day I thought why not dress up and have a little fun in the backyard. We got some fun shots and lots of giggles. Today was a pretty good day.

What did you capture today?

Week in the Life

This coming week I'll be joining Ali Edwards along w/Hundreds as we document our week via photography and words.
This will be the 4th year I have done it. I love that even though I do Project Life this week will showcase not only our daily happenings but really focus on the smaller of small details.

I am really loving that it will be this week because I already had plans for the kids that I wanted to document but this year since my younger two could express themselves more I will be involving them to include their point of view for our week in the Life.

Capturing the littlest of moments is something that I love. Are you going to join doing #WITL

I'll be posting on this blog my daily pics and  posting more of the other smaller detail on my regular blog HERE.

Let me know if you will joining the fun.


Watching him do what he loves is awesome...and even more when he lets me capture a picture or two of it.

Go on my SkaterBoy.

Day of Wonder

Celebrated the last day before kids went to school here.

Summer thanks for the awesome memories. Here is to the wonderful Fall ones to come.