Mirror,Mirror on the Wall...

Oh this little girl melt my heart! Can't wait until tomorrow night as she has been practicing everyday for the past week on how to "properly" say Trick or Treat.

Needless to say since she's gotten her costume she has asked the next day is TODAY Halloween? This AM she woke up and said FINALLY tomorrow is the Day.

Oh Childhood memories in the making indeed w/the bonus that Daddy will be home! He always knows the BEST houses to go to ha.

Makes a mama's heart feel good.

Sunday Snapshot



  1. Adorable... Happy Halloween!
    (visiting from the simple things)

  2. What a sweetheart! stopped by from Sunday Snapshot :)

  3. She is so lovely. What a perfect Snow White. She is so sweet! I hope she gets a lot of delicious candy this year : )


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