Radlab What's in a Name

Have you heard of Totally Rad? Its a company where photographers can go to purchase software for editing.

In March of this year they released Radlab which is  in their own words is :

RadLab simplfies photo effects. Intuitive browsing and a powerful new rendering engine combine to give you easy, unparalleled control. Think in pictures, not numbers. Retouching images just got a whole lot more fun.

 Just by reading this they had my attention. Especially since 1) I am a super busy mom who has become intrigued by photography as of late & have been doing lots of shooting & need a quicker & effective way of editing for what I am doing as my craft grows. 2) Any help is more then welcomed to get across what it is I want to share w what I want to bring across w/my images.

So here I am at a stand still for the cost of Radlab is $149 and being a SAHM w/a camera
 means I am queen of budget & have to basically double analyze each dollar that is spent. After doing it and working out my budget I came to the conclusion that this would be my Christmas gift to myself.

BUT I guess either I am not the only one drooling and curious what Radlab really could do because Totally Rad has given us a little early Christmas gift if you will.

You see the awesome people of Totally Rad are giving us 30 days of Try it out  so you can really fall in love & have NO choice but to get this.. Ok so I added that last bit of but they do have a trail you can try for 30 days for FREE!

So this was my chance to give this a try & so here is what happened when I did :

Another thing I like is that I am able to use w/my current editing program which is Photoshop Elements 9.

All you do is download the program and once you open your editing program there is a little box (again this is via what I see w/the trail edition) 

You click on the Radlab & it opens  you will then see a new window which you are able to go ahead and start editing.

This is NOT actions that would be added to your current one you might already have what this is if you will is an extension for your editing that connects a "page" if you will  for you to edit. Once you use Radlab on your picture you can still go ahead and use your editing program if you want before saving in my case I added my watermark.

What makes this cool is that you don't have to do anything to see a preview of what a style might look like on your picture just hover over the effect and you can see what it will do from there you could either add it and then have to opportunity to tweet it to your liking or add another layer of another effect to the picture.

Here are a couple of pictures I played w/of my sweet little nephew who I means seriously could he get any cuter? :)

                                                            SOCC ( before editing )

                                               Edited w/ Cool as Cucumber, Sugar Rush, Prettyizer

                                                                     SOCC (before editing)

                         Edited with Orange you Glad I didn't say Banana, Cool as a Cucumber, Go,Go  Saturation, EZ Edge, Divine Light, Boring B/W

As you can see you can continue to play around w/as many or little effects you might like I have been playing since I downloaded on Wednesday the picture I've posted have been edited w/Rablab. Did you get a chance to read the names of the effects, hmm TOTALLY Rad!

So Now the million dollar question would I purchase Radlab still after being able to play with it. Well my trail will end a a couple day before my bday. CAN you guess what I will be getting I can NOT wait until Christmas! To think I am just using the trail oh how fun it will be to unlock all of the styles oh Happy day indeed.

I see this will save time as well as give me the effects that I am looking for each time I use it and really think this will chance how I work on my editing making it much easier.

So what are you waiting for head on over to Totally Rad and get your trail & let me know what you think!

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