Warm Fall Afternoons

We are in between where we have to grab a sweater in the morning but later in the afternoon we need to throw them to the side.

Early in the AM as my boys leave for school I can see them doing the I am cold bounce waiting for the bus to come but later in the day I go out and let my Sassy play w/out even needing a jacket.

You'd never know it was Fall if it weren't for the little evidence starting to show its face as the leaves start to scatter all about. I am looking forward to seeing them change.

I keep checking because here its seems as it happens over night.

But for now we will enjoy the warmth & inviting sunshine & play the day away.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. What a lovely simple picture. Fall is a wonderful season, I love it as well.

  2. Aww, what a sweet photo!!

    Sarah @ Crafting and Creativity

  3. Our leaves have changed and fallen off already, and snow is forecasted this week! I'm not ready for winter yet!


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