Start The Year with a Bang

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone has enjoyed their first day of the New Year. For us we started out w/lots of fun.

Before we headed out I decided to grab and snap a couple of pictures of us on our steps. While we waited for the boys I started to just snap pics of my girl.

I really love this picture for more words then I can say. It just makes me so happy to look at this.

 I can't believe how time flies & this little one is basically 5 years old already.(her bday is this Tuesday) I am so blessed to be her Mama.

She's been talking about her Birthday for well basically the whole year because she knows that once she turns 5 its time for "real" school where she will take the bus & leave w/her brothers each day to school.

She already told me not to worry because when I look at the clock and it says "3:30" she will be home shortly and tell me all about her day.

Oh Sassy.. Here are to the coming adventures & learning & growing... 2012 here we Come!

and then, she {snapped}


  1. Does she know that school doesn't start exactly when she turns five? My middle son had a hard time understanding that concept, that once he turned five he still had to wait til September! THank you for showing off your shot!

  2. What a sweet photo Ellie! My daughter Addie is four and all she can talk about right now is when she gets to go to big school! They grow up so fast! :) Thanks for linking up this week! All the best in the new year! :)


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