Wordless Wednesday : Imagination Run Free

This week included a little discovery of our Clark Botanical Gardens.  Not only was it a magic place where my kids were able to run about and discover nature it also had nooks where imagination come to life.

That is what happened with these two. Meet Little Giggly Sleepy Beauty where of course Daddy had to come to the rescue.

While I had these two giggling the boys were off running through the woods a La Hunger Games. This Summer has been about discovery and learning while having fun.

3 more weeks until school starts again but until then looking forward to the rest of the adventures we'll have & treasure until we start our Fall Adventures.

Live and Love...Out Loud


  1. Love this shot, you have captured such a happy moment


  2. Gorgeous photo! It is so happy can't help but smile! Enjoy the rest if summer.

  3. Visiting from jenni from the blog's Wordless Wednesday! :)



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